‘Defiant’ Husky Told To Get Into His Kennel And Uses ‘English’ To Talk Back

We absolutely love watching videos with Huskies and this one is no different! However, we highly recommend to listen closely to the video below because we swear that he is speaking English!


“Go in your house” is a phrase that has been said to Brian, a gorgeous Siberian Husky with distinctive deep blue eyes. However, Brian is not in the mood to go back to his doghouse right now; as a result, he responds loudly and unequivocally: “No!”



Image/Story Source Credit: YouTube Video



It’s worth noting that Brian has a full vocabulary, as he responds very clearly to this clear request (complete with wagging tail).



Image/Story Source Credit: YouTube Video




Siberian Huskies are known to be one of the most vocal breeds in the canine world, and it’s easy to see why when you consider how they must ply their trade in hostile environments like Siberia. They’ll receive a brief trip to the “doghouse,” but Brian, the chatty Husky, is clear that he won’t be leaving right away!



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