Milkshake, The Rare Pink Pug, Takes Over Instagram And Our Hearts!

Milkshake is a special pup, not only because he’s adorable, but also because he has an unusual pink tint to him. He has a translucent coat that perfectly shows off his pink skin, nose, and toes. He even has the most beautiful blue eyes.

Because of how unique he looks, Instagram users from all over the world have fallen in love with him. Milkshake’s appearance is due to albinism in his lineage. Albino Pugs are so rare that Milkshake is believed to be one of less than 100 pink Pugs in the world.

Since he’s so unique, Maria, his mom and social media manager from London, makes sure he always gets plenty of love and pampering, just like he deserves.

Image: @milkshakethepug/Instagram

Meet Milkshake!

Before she met Milkshake, Maria had no idea that pink Pugs existed. She had planned to bring home a “normal” Pug puppy, but when she saw Milkshake, she fell in love. She instantly felt a connection with the little dog. So, when he was ten weeks old, Maria brought him home.

Usually, albino dogs also suffer from other health concerns, including blindness and sunlight sensitivity. However, Maria has noticed that Milkshake is completely healthy despite his unusual appearance. Plus, the sweet little Pug doesn’t know he’s any different from any other dog.

Image: @milkshakethepug/Instagram

Milkshake is now about a year and a half old, and he’s also Instagram famous! Soon after bringing him home, Maria made him an Instagram account, and people began following it like crazy. The little dog currently has over 80,000 followers!

“His Instagram started just as a bit fun, but straight away he got such a positive response,” said Maria. “A lot of people messaged me saying they’d had a bad day and seeing Milkshake really cheered them up, which encouraged me to post more.”

Image: @milkshakethepug/Instagram

Milkshake sure is one spoiled pup, and it’s clear that he’s living the dream. His following grows each and every day. Maria even said that people recognize him walking around both in London and in other cities. After all, he’s the most popular pink Pug on Instagram!

A Day in the Life of Milkshake

Maria works from home, so Milkshake gets to spend as much time with her as possible. She’s grateful that she can work with her best friend next to her. Like most Pugs, Milkshake wants to be by his mom’s side every chance he gets. When Maria has meetings, she even tries to schedule them at dog-friendly patios, so Milkshake can attend, too.

Image: @milkshakethepug/Instagram

Not only does Maria shower him with love and attention, but she also gives him the most luxurious lifestyle she can. He goes to the spa regularly, gladly poses for adorable photoshoots, and even gets lots of special presents from fans.

“We get people messaging every single day asking if they can send him stuff. At Christmas he gets more gifts than I could ever dream of getting,” said Maria. “He enjoys getting dressed up and posing for all his photoshoots because he knows he’s guaranteed to get some chicken after.”

Image: @milkshakethepug/Instagram

Maria also spends extra time keeping Milkshake clean and healthy. She knows that the folds on a Pug’s face can often cause problems for them, so she makes sure to wash his face daily. She even jokes that he has a better skincare routine than her.

Not only is Milkshake a successful Instagram influencer, but he’s also the perfect companion. He and Maria have a special bond, so they’re lucky to have each other in their lives. If you’d like to see more adorable Milkshake pictures, visit his Instagram page!

Image: @milkshakethepug/Instagram

Featured Image: @milkshakethepug/Instagram

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