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Minor League Baseball’s Diamond Dog Is The Cutest “Water Boy” There Is

Jake the Golden Retriever has a very important job to do. Known as the “Diamond Dog,” this pup was trained to trot up to the umpires in between innings while carrying a basket of bottled water in his snout.

At the recent TinCaps game in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Jake captured the attention and hearts of baseball players and spectators, alike.

According to a story by Deadspin, the pooch isn’t affiliated with any particular team. He shares his skills and sportsmanship with folks all over the Midwest as he travels from game to game, hydrating thirsty umpires.

And it seems as though Jake has been a legendary face among minor-league fans for years. As the Deadspin article points out, “Here’s a 2005 article about Jake which says he was three years old at the time, which means there may have been a few Jakes over the years. Let’s not think about that.”

Needless to say, Jake’s team spirit is timeless.

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It’s clear that everyone loves having this gregarious Goldie around, and he enjoys the important jobs he has to do!

But water-carrying isn’t this canine’s only area of expertise – he’s also a seasoned bat boy!

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Good boy, Jake! If minor league baseball wasn’t your thing before, here’s a good excuse to start watching it!

(h/t: Deadspin)

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Written by Karen Tietjen
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