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Mom Ogles Adorable Puppy On Patio… Then Realizes What It Really Is

We all make silly mistakes, and once in awhile, it ends in a rousing round of laughter (sometimes for years to come!). This is the case in the story below, and thanks to social media, we’re able to be in on this joke!

According to Scary Mommy, Hannah Murphy was out to eat with her mom when something caught her eye.

“My mother was giggling at this and told me to ‘take a look at that adorable dachshund, he’s sleeping,'” Murphy wrote on Twitter.

Image Source: Hannah Murphy via Twitter


But as it turns out, her mother was hilariously mistaken.

Image Source: Hannah Murphy via Twitter


“She was looking at a purse,” Murphy concluded in the post.

Here, take a closer look:

Image Source: Hannah Murphy via Twitter


We bet this mother-daughter duo was in stitches over this one. But truth be told, we can’t really blame Ms. Murphy for her mishap – they do look rather similar from a distance…

Image Source: (L) Hannah Murphy via Twitter / (R) CJ Matulewicz via Flickr 


But of course, the pup on the left is way cuter!

Do you have any stories of mistaken dog identity? Share with us in the comments below! 

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Written by Karen Tietjen
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