Mom Tells Baby To Say “Mama” For A Bite Of Food, But The Hungry Dog Answers “Mama” Instead!!

Everyone knows that dogs are pretty smart. While some breeds are quicker to learn, all can amaze you with their fast learning ability. And although it’s not always the best for them, some dogs are really interested in human food. When this mother was eager to have her baby say “mama” to her, the dog stood very close by anxiously awaiting a bite of food.

This smart dog listens very carefully. While the baby says nothing, the dog starts chiming in his two cents. (I mean really, that’s not that hard?!) But when the dog finally catches on to the right cues, the result is too funny! You gotta see this hilarious dog mastering what he thinks might be a new trick:

Poor puppy! He really must have wanted a bite of food! You think the baby ever said “Mama” like he was asked to? Something tells me that this dog will keep saying “Mama” in dog talk anytime that food is around now. That baby nudging the dog was pretty cute, too.

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