Pit Bull Set To Be Put Down For Barking At Another Dog Gets One Extra Day

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on September 5, 2023

Moose, with a bullet lodged in her lung, was set to be euthanized before Mickey came across her story. With only one extra kennel open, Moose was given an additional day, which ultimately led to her rescue. Mickey applied to adopt Moose and picked her up in Virginia after she was transported from Texas.


Upon arriving at her new home, Moose was nervous but quickly warmed up to Mickey and her new surroundings. Surprisingly, Moose appeared to have had a previous owner as she was fully potty trained and knew the command “drop it.” Despite being labeled as a “behavioral euthanasia” case, Moose’s only noted issue was barking at another dog.

Moose’s friendly and loving temperament has been a pleasant surprise for Mickey. She is currently training to be a service dog for Mickey, who has mobility issues. In addition, Mickey is considering getting Moose certified as a therapy dog, as she loves interacting with people, especially children.


Unfortunately, Moose’s breed faces a significant stigma. Mickey recalls going on walks with a friend who has an Australian Shepherd, and people would stop to take pictures and pet her friend’s dog while ignoring Moose. Despite her difficult first year of life, Moose is eager to be everyone’s best friend.

Mickey has had Moose for almost a year and a half now, and their bond has grown stronger. Moose has become more attached to Mickey and is glued to her side, especially when Mom isn’t feeling well. The bullet in Moose’s lung has not moved and does not bother her. Removing it would cause more damage, so it remains in place.


Mickey is grateful that Moose is safe but saddened by the number of wonderful dogs that are euthanized each year due to lack of space or perceived behavioral issues. Moose’s story is a testament to the importance of giving animals a second chance and not judging them based on their breed or past experiences.

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