Nashville Animal Shelter Gets A Makeover Thanks To Your Donations

iHeartDogs works closely with GreaterGood by donating part of each sale to their various charity efforts. One of the charities, Rescue Rebuild, works to offer much needed renovations to shelters and rescues in need. Some organizations could not continue to help animals without the kind donations from organizations like this, and that’s why your donations are so appreciated.

Metro Animal Care & Control proudly serve the stray and abandoned animals in the Nashville area. With such high traffic and hard work occurring between their walls each day, this organization found themselves in need of a massive makeover.

shelter renovation

The fees that come along with renovating an animal shelter can often take away from the funds that go toward daily animal care. Thanks to a generous donation from the Rescue Rebuild team, they were able to get to work on their facility without taking away from the animals in their care!

Dedicated animal lovers and volunteers came together to give this incredible animal shelter the boost it needed. With such a passionate group of helpers on the scene, they were able to give Metro Animal Care & Control the facility of their dreams.

shelter renovation

Half of us worked inside, and the other half worked outside, and then we swapped. Outside, the team did a bunch of landscaping to repair the shelters existing dog trail that the volunteers and staff often use to take the dogs for a walk. Trails like this are important for shelters to have and to keep in good conditions, as exercise for these pups is truly essential for their well being. Volunteers also cleaned up Metro’s existing play yard in the back by removing old PVC agility equipment, fixing broken sun sails, patching up the grass, and planting more seeds. Were painted benches, the pergola, and bridges too. Amazing what a little TLC can do!”

Once the outdoor areas were complete, the volunteers made their way into the meet and group rooms to touch up the area that so many animals will meet their forever family.

“The volunteers inside were incredibly busy painting. The team painted two meet and greet rooms in colors that are calming and comforting to dogs. We do anything we can to make a meet and greet go as smoothly as possible in hopes that another four-legged animal will find its forever home. Paintbrushes couldn’t be put down quite yet! We also painted the community room and training room. With these new fresh coats of paint, it was a whole new place.”

Their renovations would not be complete without a final touch; some extra attention toward their cat photography area to help their cats unleash their inner model!

shelter renovation

“To finish off this build, we renovated their cat photography area. The cat photo area was a storage room that we helped convert into a photo shoot space. We added a system for hanging backdrops, added shelves for storage of photo supplies, and installed lighting. There is no pet owner out there who doesn’t love pet portraits. This photo shoot area will help Metro draw in more visitors who have seen these glorious pet pictures online on adoption sites.”

Your donations make incredible renovations like these possible for so many deserving animal rescues. Thank you to the Rescue Rebuild team and every volunteer that made this possible!

Image Source: Metro Animal Care & Control

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