New Humane Treatment Law Would Protect Tethered Dogs In This State

A bill passed unanimously through the Washington state Senate this week that would help protect dogs left chained or restrained outdoors for extended periods of time.

The new humane treatment law would require they have access to food and water, protection from extreme weather and the ability to move about without becoming tangled.

Tethered dog

Posted by Nick Meyer on Friday, December 9, 2016


The legislation also prohibits tethering by a choke, pinch, or halter collar, or a chain or rope that is so heavy it prevents the dog’s ability to move about freely. Tethering dogs that are sick, injured, distressed, pregnant or under 6 months of age is forbidden under the law.

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During a public hearing, animal rescuers shared stories of abandoned, neglected and abused animals forced to live in lonely and inhumane conditions.They also spoke of dogs tethered so long their collars cut into their necks.

This is legal in Hall County, Georgia. This dog has water, food and shelter. He is tethered 24/7.
Why have a dog? Why?!?!

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Washington Senator, Joe Fein weighed in on the bill:

“There’s a major difference between keeping a dog restrained outside for their own safety for a reasonable amount of time and reckless abandonment and neglect. This provides an opportunity for animal protection officers to assess individual situations to ensure the health and safety of man and woman’s best friend.”

Today was a good day! Madi had someone contact her the end of this week begging her to look into rescuing a small,…

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The bill will now head to the House of Representatives. Final passage is promising considering the amount of support it has received and the unanimous vote from the Senate. If passed, Washington will become the 21st state, along with the District of Columbia to set humane treatment laws protecting dogs from the perils of tethering.

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