New Colorado Bill Would Ban Puppy Mills, Retail Sale Pets

A bill introduced January 10th, 2020 aims to prevent the sale of dogs and cats by pet stores in Colorado. The “Humane Pet Act” also establishes new standards for the care and treatment of dogs and cats by breeders and prohibits animal sales in public places. For breeders, this means limiting the number of dogs or cats managed at one time to 25. It also prevents the animals from breeding more than once a year and more than six total … Read more

Proposed NC Bill Would Ban Animal Abusers From Adopting More Pets

Two North Carolina state senators have proposed a bill to reduce animal abuse in their state. They hope to create an online registry, similar to those used to track sex offenders, to prevent convicted abusers from getting their hands on more pets. The registry would include offenders’ full names, mugshots and “other identifying information” shelter and rescue workers could review before approving an adoption. The North Carolina Animal Abuser Registry Act was introduced last week. If approved, first time offenders would be placed on … Read more

5 Ways You Can Help Dogs Left Outside In The Cold

There seems to be a misconception that because our dogs’ ancestors were built to withstand freezing temperatures, domesticated dogs can also handle extreme cold. This is sadly not the truth for most breeds, as evidenced by the recent rash of dogs discovered frozen to death in the northern part of the country – some in their own backyards. “We’re finding dogs dead in dog houses and strays curled up deceased in fields,” Detroit Dog Rescue founder Kristina Millman-Rinaldi told “It’s maddening, … Read more

20 Silly Laws About Dogs

The world has changed a lot in the last hundred years. Usually, laws are updated to reflect current living conditions, but sometimes nobody notices silly laws that don’t make a lot of sense in today’s world. Of course, some places like to make mountains out of molehills, so some of these laws may be more recent. We found these on the internet and not a law library, so it’s hard to say how current or misunderstood these laws may be. … Read more

Restaurants In This State May Soon Welcome Doggy Diners

Nearly half (47%) of US households are home to at least one dog. Savvy business owners across the country are cashing in on our puppy love by welcoming dogs to their establishments and offering little extras like complimentary treats or special menu items. But the eatery owners of Ohio are currently unable to benefit from the canine crowds. State law bans dogs from restaurants, bars and coffee shops – even on the patios. Two local lawmakers have recently proposed bills … Read more

New Humane Treatment Law Would Protect Tethered Dogs In This State

A bill passed unanimously through the Washington state Senate this week that would help protect dogs left chained or restrained outdoors for extended periods of time. The new humane treatment law would require they have access to food and water, protection from extreme weather and the ability to move about without becoming tangled. Tethered dog Posted by Nick Meyer on Friday, December 9, 2016   The legislation also prohibits tethering by a choke, pinch, or halter collar, or a chain or … Read more

Discussion: Should Impersonating A Service Dog Be A Punishable Offense?

Just this last week, Intentional Misrepresentation of a Service Animal could soon be a crime if HB 16-1308 continues its passage through Colorado’s General Assembly. The Bill makes it an offense to bring “an animal into a place that it would otherwise not be allowed to enter by passing off a pet, therapy animal, or emotional support animal as a service animal.” A photo posted by @karmaofmylife on Apr 12, 2016 at 10:13am PDT The bill brings up a great point for … Read more

New Wisconsin Legislation Bans Automatic Euthanasia of Dogs From Fighting Operations

Wisconsin just became the 48th state in the United States to ban old laws that required immediate euthanasia of dogs seized in dog fighting operation raids. The passing of Assembly Bill 487 / Senate Bill 450 means that these dogs will know have a fighting chance at a happy life, just like any other dog that steps through a shelter’s doors. “For the first time, fight-bust survivors will be given a second chance at life,” Lee Greenwood, legislative attorney at Best … Read more