No Snowman Is Safe From Stella The Frosty Assassin

Stella is an English Labrador with a remarkable zest for life. Her hobbies include rolling in mud, diving into leaf piles, and when winter rolls around, destroying snowmen.

Stella just so happens to live in Maine where there is no shortage of fresh powder. If you live in the Pine Tree State, you may be tempted to sculpt your own snowperson, but be forewarned:

Stella the Frosty Assassin is out there, and she’s hungry for carrot noses!

Depending on the size of her target, Stella uses one of two methods of attack. For full-size snowfolks, she aims for center mass, throwing her entire body into theirs, then clawing and gnawing until they crumble.

For smaller frost friends, she goes straight for the head, decapitating her prey in one fell swoop!

Stella’s Instagram and Facebook accounts are chock-full of hilarious videos and adorable photos, and she’s no one-trick-puppy! In addition to her destruction skills, Stella is also a master of “the sploot.”

To show that she’s just like any other dog despite her fame, Stella isn’t afraid to show her awkward side.

When she’s not busy with viral high jinks and tomfoolery, she loves snuggling with the hairless puppies in her family. You might know them as human children.

Despite her blatant disdain for snowmen, Stella must be doing something right. She has more than 257,000 Instagram followers!

We already know how she feels about winter snow and fall leaves. I wonder how Stella will entertain us come spring? Follow her @dognamedstella to find out!

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