‘Monster’ Buried Him 6-Inches Beneath Mound Of Dirt And Officers On Scene Cried

This is a tragic illustration of how real-life monsters exist today. When cops in Williston, Florida, were called to a report of screams coming from bushes, they rushed over to the location and got closer. They discovered that the cries were coming from beneath a large dirt mound when they arrived on the scene and got closer. Something was buried!


Source: Funky Smile/YouTube


The two men knelt down on their hands and knees to rescue the whimpering creature. They were astonished to find a tiny, helpless puppy trapped in the debris! Who could be behind such a cruel deed? The puppy was buried alive and left to perish, perhaps as some sort of vengeance or retribution. But why?

The puppy was buried six inches deep, shallow enough to reach him but with all that mud on such a little body, it would only be a matter of time before he suffocated. The cops were furious when they discovered the infant. They retrieved him and took him to the veterinarian. 


Source: Funky Smile/YouTube



The puppy’s eyes were sealed shut. He was frantic. He had no clue where he was or why he was taken from his mother for the love of god. They dubbed him “Tucker” after the veterinarian staff mistreated him in this manner. While they were enraged by how he had been treated, they were relieved that he would now be ok.

Tucker appeared to be in excellent health despite everything he had been through. He took to the bottle right away. One of the vet technicians fell in love with Tucker and resolved to adopt him.


Source: Funky Smile/YouTube


There’s no word yet on whether the individual who committed this repulsive act was apprehended and punished, but the tale has a positive ending. Tucker was preserved in time, and now he enjoys a wonderful life with a family that will always adore and appreciate him.


Source: Funky Smile/YouTube



Unfortunately, there are monsters among us. They hide because they are cowards. They do harm to innocent people and animals since their blood is different from ours. We are, however, more powerful. Their victims also have greater power than they had before.

Let Tucker’s story serve as a reminder that evil will never triumph over good.


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