Old Dog Could No Longer Walk, So He’s Placed In A Cart For Euthanasia That Day

The dog’s owner brought him to the animal shelter to be dropped off because the family could no longer care for him. The owner said that the boy couldn’t walk anymore and he was scheduled to be euthanized that day. However, McKenzie stepped up to foster him with the hope of nursing the poor dog back to health.

The next morning brought an upsetting trip to the vet. The dog was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy, and the number one recommendation was to put him down because of everything he’d been through. Not wanting his last day on earth to be sitting alone in an exam room, McKenzie asked if she could take him home for one good last day.


Source (Screenshot) credit: TheDodo – YouTube


They decided to take the good boy out to the front yard for a little picnic and hoist him up to see if he could walk with their help, and much to their surprise, Doc was immediately able!


Source (Screenshot) credit: TheDodo – YouTube


The couple immediately said they couldn’t go through with euthanizing him, and it signaled a brand new beginning! Doc showed that he wanted to continue living, and McKenzie and Grant wanted nothing more than to help him live. Sometimes you just need to give an old dog a chance!


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