Pile Of Kibble Laced With Metal Discovered In Popular Dog Walking Spot

Emma Pulford was out walking her two dogs on March 27 when one of her pups started pulling her toward a pile of dog food left on the side of the road. Pulford didn’t think anything of it — until she saw what was deliberately placed inside the pile of food. 

Image: Facebook/ Emma Pulford

A mix of screws and metal was scattered throughout the pile, horrifying Pulford, a dog lover and resident of Gateacre, England. If her rescue dog, Sooty, would have eaten the food, he would have been in a great deal of pain. He was about to devour it when Pulford pulled him away at the very last moment. 

Image: Facebook/Emma Pulford

“I thought ‘oh god, somebody’s put dog food out,’” Pulford told Echo. “But then more I looked and saw all the bits in it. It was obviously deliberate, it wasn’t accidental. It was mixed in well and hidden. Bits of metal and rusty screws.”

Upon finding the pile of tainted food, Pulford immediately brought her dogs home and returned to the pile to pick it up and throw it away. It was placed at the end of her street, where many other pet parents walk their own dogs. 

Image: Facebook/ Emma Pulford

After she discarded the food, Pulford took to Facebook to share what had happened. One person commented that it was possible someone put the food there for foxes in the area — but Pulford isn’t so sure. 

“Now I’ve seen about two in all my years of living there so I couldn’t have seen why they would have done it, and it was typical kibble dog food,” Pulford said. “If you were to walk around that area then a lot of people have made hand-made signs saying clean up your dog mess. I don’t know if somebody had enough one day and decided to do that.”

Image: Facebook/ Emma Pulford

While the original pile is now gone, Pulford is going to be keeping an eye out in her neighborhood to make sure that it doesn’t happen again. She checks the area every day to make sure that dogs in her neighborhood won’t fall victim to this senseless act of violence.

“I think it’s disgusting and shocking to be honest with you,” she added. “Animals are the most innocent things in the world and to deliberately do that is just evil.”

H/T: Echo
Featured Image: Facebook/ Emma Pulford

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