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Dog Brings Unwell Puppy To Woman Pleading For His Revival

Written by: Julie Hunt
Julie Hunt is an avid dog lover and writer for, and has a background as a veterinary technician. She rescued a beautiful former bait dog named Rory.Read more
| Published on May 20, 2024

We share stories like this one to highlight what many dogs face when left on their own. While this tale begins as a tragedy, it ends with a valuable life lesson of kindness: Dogs have boundless love to give, regardless of their situation. It serves as a reminder that animals understand that they need human intervention in order to survive. There are so many animals in need out there, and we hope, for their sake, that they find loving and compassionate people willing to change their fate.


Everyone understands the extent to which mother dogs will go to protect and nurture their pups. Their commitment is nothing short of remarkable. It’s heart-wrenching, then, to witness the harsh conditions many endure, struggling to find basic necessities like food and water for their young. This narrative focuses on one such mother dog, who reached a point of desperation, seeking help from strangers for her puppies. When rescuers learned of a stray dog that had recently given birth on the streets, they acted swiftly.


Upon reaching the location, the rescuers sought the frightened dog but were taken aback by her protectiveness. She had just given birth and was visibly anxious about their presence. Initially, when the rescuers attempted to approach her, she grew agitated, unsure of their intentions. The team then retreated to their vehicle to fetch some treats and returned to try feeding the dog. She hesitated but eventually accepted the food out of sheer hunger. This allowed the rescuers to catch sight of her puppies, who appeared unwell and in urgent need of care.


As the rescuers gently petted the mother dog, they discovered a small leash around her neck, indicating she might have once had an owner but had been abandoned. They managed to calm her enough to separate her temporarily from her puppies to better assist them. The situation grew bleak when the mother dog, upon seeing her pups’ condition, began frantically licking them and looked at the rescuers, pleading for help. Tragically, it was soon apparent that four of the five puppies had not survived; only one was barely hanging on.

The mother dog was distraught, trying in vain to revive her lost puppies. The rescuers were deeply saddened by their inability to change the grim outcome. They transported the mother and her surviving puppy to a shelter, where they buried the four puppies and focused on nursing the mother and her remaining pup back to health.


Gradually, the health of the mother and her puppy improved, hinting at a possible turn for the better. The following day, the rescuers introduced two newly orphaned puppies to the mother dog, uncertain how she would react. Initially confused, she eventually embraced them, nursing and caring for them as if they were her own.

Through her selfless actions, this heroic mother dog not only continued to care for her surviving puppy but extended her love and nurturing to the new orphans, embodying the resilience and compassion of mother dogs everywhere.

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