Pregnant Dog Wanders Into Fire Station, Delivers Puppies, & Finds A Forever Home!

When a pregnant stray dog was ready to give birth, she seemed to know that the big-hearted folks at the Apopka Fire Department in Florida would be happy to help her!

The dog, now named Lady, wandered up to the station, where the crew was happy to take her in.

“And so I went outside and saw her, and she was pregnant,” said Lt. Renee Beasley in a story by Fox 6. “Even though she was pregnant with her belly, she was extremely underweight. She also had about nine to 12 nails in her stomach, probably from ravaging for food.”

When it was time, the team was happy to help deliver Lady’s 8 puppies. Sadly, one didn’t make it, but the other 7 were healthy — quite a miracle, considering the condition that their poor mama was in.

Once the good news was shared on social media, the Apopka community members reached out to help cover vet costs, supplies, and forever homes for the adorable puppies!

“Our community has a huge heart and everybody’s reached out to try and help out with her, so that’s been awesome,” said Beasley in the story.

As for Lady, she’s already found a home with her beloved heroes.

“Lady is going to end up staying with us. We’ve become very bonded with her,” said Beasley.

Now, the Apopka Fire Department has their first official “fire dog”!

(h/t: Fox 6)

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