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A Stray Puppy Found A Cyclist On Arduous Journey And Wanted To Go With Him

Written by: Julie Hunt
Julie Hunt is an avid dog lover and writer for, and has a background as a veterinary technician. She rescued a beautiful former bait dog named Rory.Read more
| Published on June 3, 2024

On a cycling trip in the suburbs, a young man stumbled upon a tiny puppy that appeared unexpectedly from the wilderness. The puppy, smaller than a soda bottle that was lying on the ground, seemed to have been separated from her mother. Given her frailty and the remote setting, the young man knew the puppy wouldn’t survive on her own. Without hesitation, he decided to rescue the puppy, affectionately naming her “Cola,” after the soda bottle he found her near. That night, without proper dog food, he boiled eggs to feed her, and Cola hungrily drank water and then quickly fell asleep.


The next day, Cola appeared unusually lethargic, prompting the young man to rush to a veterinary clinic located 5 miles away. Pushing his speed to 30 mph, he was determined to get Cola the help she needed STAT! Despite his concern and not stopping for water, he reached a town and was directed from a veterinary pharmacy to a proper pet hospital. Once there, the examination revealed Cola was in good health. The young man then bought goat milk powder and received a pack of puppy food from the store owner, which Cola eagerly consumed. This nourishment revived Cola’s spirits, and she began to show a livelier, playful side.


To better adapt to life on the road, the young man lined the basket on his bike with a blanket to serve as Cola’s bed, and she willingly snuggled into it every time they set off. Cola, boasting her puppyhood, teethed on the man’s belongings and entertained herself as best as she could while on the go. The young man maintained Cola’s grooming, taking her for baths and nail trimmings, where she behaved impeccably. On the sixth day, after breakfast, Cola assisted in packing up the tent, ready to continue their adventure. The companionship enriched the young man’s journey, making his cycling trip far from lonely.


A few weeks later, Cola had grown significantly, becoming stronger and more vibrant. Her appetite increased, and she was able to manage her bathroom needs independently. During a visit to the pet hospital for vaccinations, the doctor commented on her improved health and weight.

As they continued their journey, the bond between the young man and Cola deepened, solidifying a comfortable and loving relationship. The care and companionship provided by the young man promised a hopeful, joyful future for both, leaving a lasting impression of kindness and dedication.

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