Reporter Interrupts Live Newscast To Help Rescue Dog From Hurricane Flood Waters

Reporter, Julie Wilson was recording a Facebook Live video in the hurricane-ravaged town of New Bern, North Carolina on Friday when she found herself caught up in the rescue effort.

As Wilson waded through knee-deep water, she came across a woman named Tasha who said her daughter’s injured therapy dog was still inside her flooding house.


Wilson – who works for the local ABC affiliate station, WTVD – encouraged the homeowner to retrieve the dog. Tasha emerged from the home with the large Rottweiler, but had trouble keeping hold of her. (See the entire livestream here.)

As the camera rolled, Wilson pursued the pup, grabbed her collar, and hoisted her into her arms. She then proceeded to carry her to shallower ground.

“Nobody’s leaving the dog in this mess,” Wilson said. “That’s what we’re doing out here.”

As you can see from the photo below, Wilson is quite the animal lover! In addition to her obvious adoration for her own pup, her Facebook feed is packed with photos of adoptable cuties from the local Animal Protection Society of Durham shelter.

According to Wilson’s Facebook Live post, she witnessed many community members banding together to help each other through the storm.

As of Friday night, areas of North Carolina had received around 23 inches of rain, and the National Weather Service expects some communities to take on another 15 inches before Hurricane Florence is finished.


H/T & Featured Screenshot via ABC11



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