Rescue Bank Food Donations Bring New Life To Abandoned Chihuahuas

Stormy and Rainey found their way to P.A.W.S., Promoting Animal Welfare Society in Muskogee, OK, right in the knick of time. These two Chihuahua mixes were thrown from a moving vehicle where the crash landing caused several cuts and bruises. The damage wasn’t only physical, however, as these two pups were left with debilitating fear. Stormy and Rainey were injured physically and emotionally, significantly underweight and wanted nothing to do with the humans trying to care for them.

Rainey. Image Source: Greater Good

Thankfully, Rescue Bank donations of high-quality food to organizations like P.A.W.S. help bring sick and injured animals to life. Although they were abandoned by the abusive people that owned them prior, Stormy and Rainey were prepping for new forever homes through the rescue group. The food they ate helped them gain much needed weight and the treats worked to earn the trust of the new, safe people they were around.

Stormy. Image source: Greater Good

Now, these two little Chihuahua mixes are beginning to act like their true selves. Stormy and Rainey are becoming much more fun and playful and we hope that they find their loving forever homes soon. With the help of Rescue Bank’s food donations, rescue organizations are able to take the money they’d spend on food to pay necessary veterinary bills like the ones these little pups needed as well as provide adequate nutrition for sick and injured dogs. These donations have, in turn, prepared Stormy and Rainy for adoption and given them a chance to find new people that will love and treat them the way they deserve.

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