Rescue Refuses To Give Dog Back To Family After She Escapes From The Yard

In Oregon, a family is fighting just to get their dog back.

The Mayberry’s adopted Olly, a Shepherd mix, from All Terrier Rescue Hunter’s Crossing just a few months ago. Now, they’re terrified that they’ll never see her again.

This week, the pup managed to escape from their fenced-in yard through some tricky maneuvering.

“We think she jumped on the chair and over the fence,” said owner Kate Mayberry in a story by KGW.

Image Source: Screen Shot via KGW


When a good Samaritan found Olly and took her to the Banfield Pet Hospital, they scanned for a chip, which was still registered to All Terrier Rescue. So, that’s where she was returned.

Mayberry was relieved to find that their pup was safe, and called the rescue to retrieve her. At first, they were going to return Olly to her family – then, they seemed to have changed their mind, sending accusatory text messages instead.

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“She just started going off about us being terrible pet owners and [Olly’s] behavior being atrocious, but she never told us what she was doing,” said Mayberry in the story. “They think we’re mistreating her,” she added.

The family filed a police report, and when the rescue staff found out, they reiterated, once more, that they were keeping the dog.

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Days later, All Terrier Rescue held an event at PetSmart, and the Mayberry’s arrived to ask once more about Olly. Instead of answers, they were given abrasive treatment and told to leave. The conversation was even filmed by the family’s friend.

“You’re just here to cause a scene,” a woman with the rescue said in the clip.

“No, we’re not, we’re here to get our dog because we’re worried about her,” Mayberry responded.

“Any more and we’re done,” said the rescue worker. “You will never see the dog again. I’m not kidding. One more word.”

Image Source: Screen Shot via KGW


The Mayberry’s fear that their beloved pup is just going to be re-adopted out to another family, but they won’t stop fighting to get their companion back.

Image Source: Screen Shot via KGW


KGW reported:

Calls made by KGW to All Terrier Rescue’s attorney, Geordie Duckler, were not returned. However, Mayberry said on Friday night, Duckler called her husband, and told him he would draw up a contract, negotiating Olly’s return. Mayberry said she would believe that when they had Olly back.

Sadly, Mr. and Mrs. Mayberry aren’t the only ones missing the pooch. Their 9-year-old son, Owen, is desperate to see his friend again.

“I really miss ‘Olly,’” he told KGW. “I want my dog back.”

Image Source: Screen Shot via KGW


Do you think the rescue should give Olly back? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

(h/t: KGW)

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