Rescue Takes In A Dog, Unknowingly Saves Three More Lives!

Part of each sale through the iHeartDogs store is donated to Rescue Bank, a program through Greater Good that helps feed hungry shelter dogs. Thanks to customers like you, happy endings, like the one below, are made possible. 

When Holly the golden retriever was taken into Love a Golden Rescue of St. Louis, Missouri, the staff had no idea they were in for a big surprise!

This poor girl was in rough shape, and was taken into veterinary care to get checked out and spayed. But it wasn’t until her check-up that it was discovered she was pregnant! It turned out that the rescue actually saved four lives instead of one.

Image Source: Love a Golden Rescue


But there was still one more major hurdle. With further inspection, vets found that Holly had a mass blocking her birth canal, which put her and her babies in danger. With careful monitoring, she was able to successfully have all of her pups through a C-section.

Image Source: Love a Golden Rescue


Luckily, Rescue Bank, a program through Greater Good, donated food to provide for the hungry family. Providing food to all the dogs at Love a Golden Rescue, and other rescues across the country, relieves these organizations from a pricey burden. Without generous food donations from Rescue Bank, they wouldn’t be able to spend as much of their budget on emergency medical care, including the procedure that saved Holly and her puppies.

Image Source: Love a Golden Rescue


Because of the alleviated stress on food costs, Love a Golden Rescue was able to quickly get Holly the help she needed and provide her and her litter with quality food.

We’re so glad that these four Golden sweethearts were saved and found their forever homes!


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