Rescuers Noticed Abandoned Dog Was Acting Strangely Until They Saw What Was Under The Porch

While animal rescuers assisted World Animal Awareness Society (WA2S) canine survey volunteers counting stray dogs during phase one of the canine survey in Detroit, Michigan, the field teams frequently came upon dogs that appeared to be in need or under duress.

This black dog had become infamous in the neighborhood – pacing the sidewalk outside of an abandoned house and barking at everyone.

abandoned mom1

“She barks at everybody but she hasn’t bit nobody, some people are scared of her,” says the person who lives in the house next door to where the dog paces. He explains that she is usually under the front porch, and will jump out barking and growling whenever someone approaches.

abandoned mom2

It’s clear this mama dog is guarding that house and with good reason … the rescuers find she has two-week old puppies underneath the porch!

abandoned mom3

The Michigan Humane Society steps in to take the mom and pups in.


Thankfully, the rescuers were there to make sure this mom and her five puppies will have a good future in forever homes. Unfortunately, the WA2S says this is an all too common occurrence in Detroit. You can help them with their work by donating here.


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