Sad, Matted Poodle Rescued From Neglectful Breeder Can’t Believe How Good Life Can Be

iHeartDogs works closely with to donate a portion of sales to their various charity efforts. Through the Rescue Bank program, thousands of shelter dogs and cats each year are able to have food, provided by Greater Good Charities. Thanks to the support of customers like you, happy endings like the one below are made possible.

After seven long years at a neglectful breeding facility, Phoenix the Poodle was finally free. 

Covered in mats, plagued with dental disease and so fearful of everything, Phoenix hadn’t known love for a very long time — if at all. While it’s unclear what kind of living conditions Phoenix faced at the breeder’s, due to his fear, it’s likely he was kept in a kennel of some sort away from people. 

The Heart of America Poodle & Friends K9 Rescue rescued him from the neglect and helped him get back to tip-top health, as well as worked with him on training to help him feel more comfortable around people and other situations. The Missouri rescue group worked with Phoenix for three months until he was finally ready to be put up for adoption. 

Image: Heart of America Poodle & Friends K9 Rescue

He found a wonderful family, complete with other fur siblings and a great mom to give him all the love he deserves. 

“After 3 months of TLC and waiting for the right home to come along, Phoenix has his forever home, a wonderful yard with fur siblings and an exceptionally gentle mom,” the rescue said. 

Thanks to the Greater Good Charities Rescue Bank, which supplies food to shelters in need, Heart of America Poodle & Friends K9 Rescue was able to feed Phoenix and other dogs at the shelter. The group helps shelters save money that will then in turn help cover other costs like vet bills.

Image: Heart of America Poodle & Friends K9 Rescue

“The food bank has enabled us to feed our dogs with good food and a great price and use that money on vet care and anything else they may need,” the rescue group said. “We are very thankful.”

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Featured Image: Heart of America Poodle & Friends K9 Rescue

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