Saddest Shelter Pit Bull Won’t Stop Wagging His Tail Once A Foster Brings Him Home

iHeartDogs works closely with to donate a portion of sales to their various charity efforts. Through the Rescue Bank program, thousands of shelter dogs and cats each year are able to have food, provided by Greater Good Charities. Thanks to the support of customers like you, happy endings like the one below are made possible.

Nigel the pit bull had been at the shelter so long that he was at risk of being euthanized. 

Day after day, he sat in his kennel at the shelter, head hung low waiting for someone to take a chance for him. That day seemed like it would never come. 

Eventually, One by One Friends of Animals, based out of Owasso, Oklahoma, stepped in and pulled him from the busy shelter — saving his life in the process and placing him into a foster home. 

“This beautiful boy was so sad at the shelter,” the rescue staff told iHeartDogs. “We showed him several times at adoption events, but no one gave him a second look. We had to pull him into foster care to save him from being euthanized as he had just given up.”

Even though Nigel was regularly being shown at adoption events, he still had trouble lifting his spirits. 

Image: Provided by One by One Friends of Animals

“[We] showed him at adoption events while he lived at the shelter for three or four weeks and never ever saw his tail wag even once,” the rescue staff said. 

That all changed when Nigel was brought into a foster home. He no longer only knew the walls of a kennel, but instead the love of a home. He had his own bed to sleep in, toys to play with and a family to love. 

After just a week of being in foster care, Nigel is now like a completely different dog. He has energy again and won’t stop wagging his tail no matter what he is doing. He’s playful, friendly and loves the company of humans. 

“One week after being pulled into foster care, his tail now rarely stops wagging according to his foster home,” the rescue said. “He is loving life and his first showing after foster care, he had a ton of interest. It won’t be long and he will be on his way to his forever home.”

Image: Provided by One by One Friends of Animals

Thanks to Greater Good Charities Rescue Bank, which supplies food to shelters in need, One by One Friends of Animals is able to feed Nigel and other dogs at the shelter and in foster homes. 

“After medical, food was our second largest expense, and the Rescue Bank helps us save more animals!” the rescue said. “[We] cannot thank Rescue Bank and their donors enough.”

Soon enough, sweet Nigel will have a home for good — all it took was the love of a foster home to have his true colors shine. 

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Featured Image: Provided by One by One Friends of Animals

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