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Senior Dog’s Road Trip Pics Go Viral

A senior star has been born!

12-year-old Bentley, nicknamed “Benny”, recently went on a trek across the southern United States with Mom and Dad. The sweet photos he took are enough to give us at home a case of FOMO! As the family made their way from Texas to Florida, they made sure to stop and snap a picture of Benny with a sign for each state, and he’s a natural!

From Florida…

Photo: @lexeeleach/Twitter


Through Alabama

Photo: @lexeeleach/Twitter


Across Mississippi

Photo: @lexeeleach/Twitter


Then Louisiana

Photo: @lexeeleach/Twitter


All the way back home to Texas! He looks happy to be back!

Photo: @lexeeleach/Twitter


The pictures were shared by Benny’s human sister, Lexee, and quickly went viral! Photos are the BEST souvenirs, and nothing tops a pic of a cute pup!

Many dogs may not care for road trips, but according to Lexee, Benny rides comfortably and is used to being in the car. After losing their senior pup, Max, at the age of 14, Lexee says Benny accompanies her parents everywhere – from running errands to taking trips, he’s their travelling companion no matter how long the drive!

Demand for Benny skyrocketed, and Lexee posted more photos, including these cute pics from last November when Benny visited the Alamo for his 12th birthday. And if you thought it couldn’t get any better – guys, he’s wearing a tiny sombrero!

Photo: @lexeeleach/Twitter


Photo: @lexeeleach/Twitter


Benny is taking his newfound fame in stride. The camera loves him and so do we!

Photo: @lexeeleach/Twitter


We hope there’ll be many more happy trails in Benny’s future – and more adorable pictures for us!

Featured Photo: @lexeeleach/Twitter

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Written by Adriana Sandoval
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