Serviceman Dropped To His Knees When His Parents Aren’t There To Greet Him

It’s a huge sacrifice to serve one’s country. It is difficult enough to return home safely. We are thankful for all those who serve and understand that their efforts are never simple. Thankfully, events like these may be shared so that the general public might truly comprehend how much our soldiers miss them.


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Brent couldn’t wait to return home to his family. Of course, his family was just as eager to see him. What Brent didn’t know was that he would be met by his #1 fan first thing upon returning home.


Image Source: YouTube Video


When Bret emerged from the plane and made his way through the airport with another solider, he was visibly weary and overwhelmed to be on American soil. However, when he proceeded a little further, his entire attitude changed. He saw his parents nearby, and while his heart swelled at the sight of them, he was quickly on his knees to welcome him.


Image Source: YouTube Video


She instantly recognizes the scent of his breath and the only thing in her head is DAD! You’ve returned home! Brent’s parents have been watching his dog while he was away, but no one can compare to  > > Click To Read more of this heartwarming story!

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