South Korea’s First Honorary Rescue Dog Saved A Missing 90-Year-Old

| Published on September 13, 2021

Baekgu, a 4-year-old pup from South Korea, is a shining example of why we call dogs man’s best friend. The little dog received an official hero title from South Korean authorities after he saved the life of his 90-year-old owner, who suffers from dementia.

Baekgu’s tale of loyalty and bravery reminds us why it’s always a good idea to have a dog by your side. If it hadn’t been for his protective efforts and dedication, the woman might not have survived her ordeal.


Always By Her Side

On August 25th, 2021, a 90-year-old woman with dementia living in Hongseong county went missing. Security footage from a nearby farm showed her leaving her village with her little white dog by her side.

Finally, after about 40 hours, the woman was found in a rice field about 2 kilometers away from her home. She had collapsed in a wet area, hidden from view by tall rice and weighed down by the water.


The reason for this woman’s survival, authorities say, is that Baekgu kept her safe and warm. He stayed beside her the entire time, keeping her body temperature up as the weather got colder and she began experiencing symptoms of hypothermia. He never abandoned her.

The search team sent out a thermal drone, which detected Baekgu’s body heat in the rice field. His person survived the ordeal, thanks to his help, and was taken to the hospital to recover.

Honoring A Canine Hero

In 2020, The National Fire Agency introduced a regulation allowing the appointment of honorary firefighters, fire ambassadors, and rescue dogs. For his heroic gestures, Baekgu was officially named South Korea’s first-ever honorary rescue dog.


In an official ceremony, they thanked Baekgu with a floral garland and a cake. Governor Yang Seung-jo, present at the ceremony, said:

“At a difficult time due to Covid-19, Baekgu created an unbelievable miracle and moved everyone.”

Shim Geum-sun, the missing woman’s daughter, said the family had adopted Baekgu three years ago after a larger dog attacked him. They’re extremely grateful that they did:
“Baekgu especially liked my mother, and it’s as if Baekgu returned our favor. I was so concerned as mom went missing for hours due to the rainy weather … I’m grateful and Baekgu is our family.”

A dog’s fierce loyalty is just one reason we love them so much. Praises go to Baekgu. He’s definitely worthy of the lovely ceremony and the title of hero!

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