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Stray ‘Wrapped’ Himself Around Woman So She Won’t Leave Him In Horrid Place

Written by: Julie Hunt
Julie Hunt is an avid dog lover and writer for, and has a background as a veterinary technician. She rescued a beautiful former bait dog named Rory.Read more
| Published on March 30, 2024

In a touching display of resilience and trust, a homeless Samoyed was discovered scavenging for scraps and drinking from puddles just to stay alive. When two compassionate individuals approached, the wise Samoyed quickly sensed their benevolent intentions and decided to follow them. Demonstrating his playful spirit and optimistic nature, the dog cleverly brought them an empty can, as if to showcase his charm and upbeat demeanor.

Despite the hardships he faced, his joy was palpable. In a moment of pure gratitude and longing for affection, he eagerly embraced one of the rescuers, expressing his deep appreciation and his hope for a chance at a loving and secure home.


Even though the Samoyed was covered in dirt and plagued by fleas and other pests, his disposition remained gentle and affectionate towards those around him. The moment the rescuer fitted a collar around the dog’s neck was symbolic, marking the beginning of his journey to a new life. In preparation for a thorough examination and necessary medical treatment, the decision was made to shave off all of the dog’s fur. This step, although drastic, was essential for his recovery and the start of his transformation.


The dog was in a dire state, unable to eat or rest comfortably, prompting concern from his rescuers. After undergoing tests, it was discovered that his stomach was filled with bones, necessitating a slow digestion process. The Samoyed received medication to aid his digestion, starting him on the path to recovery.

As he regained his strength, the Samoyed showed his playful side, learning to howl in imitation of a wolf and even opening his mouth in a mock ‘scare’ at the doctors, causing a bit of a stir amongst his caretakers. The moment he managed to have a bowel movement was a turning point, celebrated exuberantly by his rescuer. This breakthrough meant he could now transition to regular food, marking a significant milestone in his journey towards full health.


Following forty days of diligent care, the dog was joyfully discharged from the hospital, his spirits as high as when he first arrived. He bid farewell to the hospital staff, who had become his friends, and was treated to a refreshing bath. Subsequently, he was taken outdoors for some well-deserved playtime. The Samoyed, once a lone wanderer, has now transformed into a beaming beacon of joy, embarking on a renewed life brimming with love and happiness.

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