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Studies Show Birthday Celebrations Aren’t Just For Humans Anymore

Lily’s Kitchen is a line of dog and cat foods created from natural ingredients and based on made-from-scratch recipes. In honor of namesake and inspiration pooch, Lily’s 14th birthday, the founders added a Birthday Surprise Box to their product line. After all, 75% of dog parents celebrate their pets’ birthdays and more than half throw a party, prepare a special meal and sing “Happy Birthday”!

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According to a survey conducted by the folks at Lily’s Kitchen, 41% of dog owners consider them members of their family. The study also found that three out of four dog owners celebrate their pets’ birthdays, with 58% singing the Birthday song, 51% throwing a doggy B-day bash – complete with presents and decorations, and 55% creating a cake or special meal for their pup!

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Survey participants listed meat loaf, fish cakes and chicken stew among the most popular catered canine specialties served at these parties. Henrietta Morrison, Lily’s Kitchen Founder and CEO, said:

“Our dogs are family and they deserve to have the best day ever on their birthday.”

The Lily’s Kitchen Birthday Surprise Steak Dinner consists of three different fresh cuts of steak, potatoes, broccoli and herbs. The hand-illustrated birthday box also includes Organic Cheese & Apple Treats, four party invitations and a special birthday card – all for £9.95 (or $12.88).

“Steak dinners usually mark a special occasion for humans so what better way to celebrate than a nutritious doggy equivalent,” Morrison said. “The trend that sees us treat our dogs more like the rest of our family can sometimes end up in owners indulging their pets with harmful foods such as cake on their birthday, but we urge all owners to serve up proper food that’s safe and deliciously nourishing.”

The Lily’s Kitchen website also offers tips for the perfect Doggy Pawty, including games and cake recipes!

If you have a rescue dog whose birthday is unknown, consider celebrating their “Gotcha Day” instead! Whether you adopted your pooch or he/she appeared at your doorstep, the date doesn’t matter as long as there is lots of love!

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Written by Dina Fantegrossi
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