Superpower Dogs Showcases The Hardest Working Canines With Uplifting Documentary

Heroes come in all shapes, sizes, and even species. They don’t all walk on two legs, and some of the bravest heroes in the world have four paws, tails, and unyielding determination to help people. Dogs from countless countries work every day to make the world a better place. Superpower Dogs is the documentary that’s going to showcase all that they do.

An IMAX original film, Superpower Dogs follows a few of the world’s most hardworking canines. There’s Ricochet, an emotional support dog that loves to surf, and a Newfoundland named Reef working with the Italian coastguard. Tony and Tipper are two Bloodhounds trained to protect endangered species in Africa. Across the globe, Henry braves harsh winter conditions and perilous terrain as an avalanche rescue dog. Finally, Halo works with a human named Cat to track down and rescue people in danger.

The documentary will highlight these dogs and their amazing true stories of bravery and heroism. It follows them over mountains, into seas, and straight through dangerous situations. Their jobs are never easy, but their canine superpowers enable them to do amazing things. Writer and director Daniel Ferguson said in an email press release,

“After people see these remarkable dogs and their human partners brave earthquakes and avalanches, bring animal poachers to justice and leap out of helicopters to save people from drowning, they’ll never look at their best friends the same way again.”

Whether they’re scaling mountains or accepting belly rubs at home, all dogs have superpowers. The goal of the documentary is to honor the human/canine relationship. Ricochet, Reef, Tony, Tipper, Henry, and Halo are only a few examples of everyday dogs conquering incredible feats.

To honor all the working lifesavers and precious pets of the world, Mars Petcare is an exclusive sponsor of the film. Their motto, “A better world for pets,” aligns perfectly with the much-anticipated documentary. Mars, IMAX, and Cosmic Films are working together to create an amazing depiction of exactly what these dogs endure and achieve. There will be harrowing rescues as well as moments of inspiration and wonder.

Superpower Dogs is set to premier March 2019. In the meantime, dog lovers can watch the film’s first teaser trailer starting August 17. The trailer will run ahead of the nationally distributed film Pandas and the heartwarming movie Alpha. It’s a documentary unlike any other, and it might just garner new respect for four-legged friends of all kinds.

Featured image via Facebook/Superpower Dogs

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