Superpower Dogs Showcases The Hardest Working Canines With Uplifting Documentary

Heroes come in all shapes, sizes, and even species. They don’t all walk on two legs, and some of the bravest heroes in the world have four paws, tails, and unyielding determination to help people. Dogs from countless countries work every day to make the world a better place. Superpower Dogs is the documentary that’s going to showcase all that they do. An IMAX original film, Superpower Dogs follows a few of the world’s most hardworking canines. There’s Ricochet, an … Read more

Therapy Dogs Help Actors Cope With Difficult Scenes On Hit Drama

If you watched Netflix’s series, 13 Reasons Why then you know there are several scenes that are disturbing to say the least. The portrayals of bullying, suicide, alcohol abuse and sexual assault are cringe-worthy for viewers, and they also took a toll on the young actors. In anticipation of this emotional strain, the production team reportedly brought in therapy dogs for at least one of the controversial scenes. A post shared by Dylan Minnette (@dylan_minnette) on Jan 26, 2017 at 12:13pm … Read more

Proposed Bill Hopes To Put Fake Service Dogs Out Of Service

Yet another state is taking aim at the shameful trend of passing off household pets as service dogs. Massachusetts has filed a bill modeled after similar laws in Florida and Colorado. If passed, it would become a civil offense to misrepresent a pet as a service animal in the Bay State. The bill further seeks to protect the disabled from receiving untrained or poorly trained dogs from unscrupulous organizations. Congratulations Shadow! We hear you are doing wonderful work as a … Read more

Ad Campaign Sheds Light On The Growing Problem Of Fake Service Dogs

Larry Bigelow has severe spinal osteoporosis and spinal fractures. He depends on his highly trained Yellow Labrador, Buzz for the stability and physical support he needs to stay active. Buzz is one of many legitimate service dogs trained by Hawaii Fi-Do. The organization has decided to take a stand against imposter service animals with their new web PSA ads. It may seem harmless to purchase a knockoff service vest and slap it on your pup, but untrained service animals give the … Read more

After Tragedy Took The Love Of His Life, Their Puppy Helped Heal His Broken Heart

Keith Jones and Cara McCollum were the perfect young All-American couple. The two up-and-coming Philadelphia newscasters had been dating for 2 years when they adopted a puppy named Charlie together. Jones adored the Mini American Shepherd from the start, but when McCollum tragically passed away in a car accident last February, Charlie became his lifeline and reason to go on. Bliss. Please pray. Posted by Keith Jones on Thursday, February 18, 2016   Not only did the adorable pup remind him … Read more

Children’s Hospital Staffs 2 Dogs To Provide Love And Support To Young Patients

As dog lovers, we understand how much of a difference a dog can make to someone in pain – both physically and emotionally. So we just love it when we see those in the healthcare industries who realize it too! Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center recently welcomed two facility dogs to the Division of Child Life and Integrative Care. The Division of Child Life and Integrative Care at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital works with inpatients and visiting patients to offer family-centered … Read more