UPDATE: Longest Shelter Resident Returned After Single Day With Adopters

Rusty the longest shelter resident

When a dog gets adopted, they have lots of reasons to feel stressed and confused. They’ll likely need a few days, weeks, or even months to feel like they truly belong in their new home. But not every family has that kind of patience. And sadly, no one has been willing to be patient with the longest shelter resident at the Waco Animal Shelter. Rusty has been in shelters for over 419 days now. Every time he gets a happily … Read more

Your Workplace Might Become Pet-Friendly After COVID!

dog-friendly office

The COVID-19 pandemic has given many dog lovers a chance to further bond with their furry friends. And for many, it’s allowed them to find time to adopt and train a new family member. But with so many dog lovers temporarily working from home, what will happen when the pandemic ends? Luckily, you might not have to choose between your dog and going back to work. A new survey from Banfield Pet Hospital polled 500 C-suite executives and 1,500 employees … Read more

RECALL: Congress Fights To Recall Seresto Collars After Thousands Of Dogs Harmed

Seresto Recall

Dogs can react to any type of pet product, including dog food, grooming items, and preventatives. But there’s a difference between a few allergic reactions and thousands of incident reports. Seresto Flea and Tick Collars are getting a lot of heat for that reason. Numerous customers are reporting illnesses and even death related to the collar, and it seems like more than just some coincidences. But despite everything, Elanco Animal Health has refused to recall the products. So, a congressional … Read more

Dog Groomer Arraigned After Horrific Video Shows Him Abusing Poodle

WARNING: Video, screenshots, and content might be sensitive to some readers. Amid an animal abuse case, you can always count on dog lovers to fight for justice. So, when a video surfaced of a Michigan dog groomer abusing an innocent Poodle, everyone was quick to contact authorities. The Genesee County Sheriff’s Office received numerous reports of the video, along with people begging the police to do something. It’s still unclear who took the video and whose dog is in the … Read more

Over 90% Of People Would Dump A Date If Their Dog Didn’t Like Them

Be honest: are you spending your Valentine’s Day with the love of your life? The apple of your eye? Your one-and-only? If you’re anything like the people who took our recent survey, it’s likely that if you are, it means you’re spending the day with your dog. We wanted to know just how crazy people really are about their dogs, and how much they love their dogs compared to their partners. The results? Nuts! We were surprised at some of … Read more