7 Reasons Your Dog Won’t Stop Licking You

Dogs love to lick. They lick themselves, each other, and of course, they lick their humans. It’s a fact that all dog lovers observe. Have you ever stopped to wonder why, though? If you just ate a salty snack, it’s pretty obvious. Your fingers are tasty! But what about all the other places your dog loves to lick? We scoured the internet to come up with 7 solid reasons your dog won’t stop licking you. # 1- You Are Tasty … Read more

Why Does My Dog Lick So Much?

dog lick

When your dog is the king (or queen) of kisses, you get used to wiping away slobber. He licks your face and arms, and some dogs pick up a habit of licking random objects like carpets, walls, and furniture. There’s also the chance you watch him lick his own fur for minutes on end. Either way, there comes a point when your dog’s licking goes from cute to concerning. If the pup in your life can’t seem to control his … Read more

Why Does My Dog Keep Licking Me?

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You know it’s coming every time you walk through the door, sit on the couch, and lean in for a belly rub. You brace yourself as best you can for an enthusiastic slobbery smooth from your furry best friend. Dogs lick their favorite people whether their advances are welcome or not, and some do it more than others. These “extreme lickers” are the dogs that can’t help but stick out their tongues whenever a person comes close. They’ll lick you … Read more

For A Small Number Of People, A Dog Lick Could Be Deadly

This summer, Wisconsin doctors determined a woman’s death and a man’s quadruple limb amputation were both caused by the same bacteria. Known as Capnocytophaga canimorsus, it is found in the saliva of approximately 70% of dogs and 60% of cats. But before you cancel your trip to Wisconsin or rehome your pets, keep in mind that human infections with this frightening pathogen are extremely rare. “More than 99% of the people that have dogs will never have this issue. It’s just … Read more

Why Do Dogs Lick The Air?

A dog’s quirky behavior can be entertaining to watch, and sometimes it’s about nothing more than them expressing a unique personality. Other times, however, there’s an underlying issue leading them to do seemingly strange things. One of those things is licking the air. A dog that licks the air sticks their tongue out of their mouth and appears to lap up imaginary liquid. They’re not licking their lips like how some dogs do after dinner or when they’re nervous—they’re literally … Read more