10 Breeds That Stay Puppies The Longest

Puppies are adorable, playful balls of energy, and it can be a little sad when your puppy grows up. All dogs grow up eventually, but some breeds stay in a “puppy phase” longer than others. Based on playfulness, difficulty with training, and time to become fully grown, here’s a list of the 10 breeds that stay puppies the longest. 1. Boxer These high-energy dogs are considered the clowns of the dog world. Their desire and stamina to play all day … Read more

5 Common Mistakes New Puppy Owners Make

When the introduction is over, it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty parts of raising your new puppy. You’ll smile at the sound of puppy paws scampering through the house and your heart will burst with joy the first time they crawl into your lap for a snuggle, but the reality of owning a puppy isn’t always so sweet. It’s a big job, and new puppy owners aren’t expected to get everything right on the first try. Doing what’s … Read more

10 Things You Must Expose Your New Puppy To NOW

Adding a puppy to your family is a big responsibility. It is imperitive to prepare your new addition to face the world by exposing him or her to multiple stimuli. Just as exposure to vaccines builds a strong immune system, subjecting young dogs to new people, places, sounds and scenarios builds confidence and drastically reduces their chances of developing fear and aggression later in life. Fear is the root cause for some of the most difficult canine behavior problems such … Read more

8 Things Your Puppy Wishes You Wouldn’t Do

If you are anything like me, you melt into a puddle of useless, blubbering mush in the presence of an adorable puppy. But if you want to be a paw-renting pro, you must resist the urge to give your new addition everything her fluffy little heart desires. Puppies need lots of love, but they also need rules, consistency, socialization and plenty of boundaries to make sure they grow into well-adjusted members of canine society. While there is no perfect way … Read more