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New Law Could Mean Tax Break For People Adopting From Shelters

Anyone with a rescue dog will be quick to tell you how much a rescue has changed their life. Giving second chances to disadvantaged dogs is a reward in itself, not to mention the love and appreciation rescued pups give us. Yet while millions of dogs live in shelters, a large portion of dog people continue to buy designer or purebred dogs from breeders. The trend is in decline, but the issue remains. At least some lawmakers are working to … Read more

Recent Dog Deaths Spark Bill To Require Groomer Licensing

A stalled 2014 bill requiring New Jersey pet groomers to obtain licenses to practice their trade is being reconsidered by lawmakers. New attention was brought to the issue of groomer safety after recent dog deaths at NJ PetSmart locations. State Sen. Kip Bateman is reintroducing “Bijou’s Law“, named for a 6-year-old Shih Tzu who passed away in 2012 during a routine grooming appointment. Bijou’s owner, Rosemary Marchetto, settled out of court with the big box pet store company involved in … Read more

NJ Law Would Allow Owners To Sue For Emotional Damages In Dog Deaths

In the wake of several dog deaths at New Jersey PetSmart locations, a new law could soon appear on the state’s books. “Scruffles’ Law” was introduced by Republican 12th District congressional candidate Daryl Kipnis on April 6. If passed, pet owners would have the option to sue for statutory and punitive damages in the event that negligence causes injury or death. The proposed law is named after Nicole DiNapoli’s 8-year-old Bulldog, Scruffles who died during a routine grooming appointment at a Flemington, … Read more

Proposed Plan Will Require Dog Walkers To Be Officially Licensed

If you want to be a professional dog walker, starting your business is relativity easy. You’ll need a general understanding of dog behavior and the confidence to keep track of a pack of potentially unruly clientele, but one thing you won’t need is a special license. Realtors, contractors, cosmetologists—all these career fields require special licenses, but dog walking isn’t one of them. The path to becoming a dog walker is comparably clear, but that status is set to change for … Read more