Drone Walks Dog For Quarantined Man During Coronavirus Outbreak

As the impact of COVID-19 continues to grow, many people across the globe must stay at home to avoid other people. Walking your dog is, of course, considered an important exception. We can’t exactly let our pups do their business inside, and most don’t know how to use toilets. Still, even taking regular walks through the neighborhood induces anxiety. Sometimes, other pedestrians pass by too closely for comfort. A dog parent in Cyprus came up with a clever way around … Read more

Soon Your Dog Could Be Pooping In This “Smart Toilet”

Truly there has never been a better time for innovations in dog potty technology. Recently, I told you all about the [still in-development] dog poop scooper robot Beetl. Here comes the latest defecation technology for pups: an indoor “smart toilet!” That’s right, there’s finally a major upgrade from pee pads in the works. According to designers Newtons Box, the product known as INUBOX gained major attention at the CES technology trade show in 2019. “On January 2019 we launched our first … Read more

Beetl, The Backyard Robot, Is Designed To Pick Up All Your Dog’s Poop

When you have an enclosed yard, sometimes it can be pretty tempting to just let your dog run around and do his business out there instead of taking a longer walk. The consequences come later, when you ruin a shoe after forgetting where your pup went. Unfortunately, no one has been able to train a dog to pick up after itself, at least as far as I know. But here’s the good news: there’s now a robot designed specifically for … Read more

Soon You’ll Be Able To Take An Uber With Your Dog Every Time

As dog people, it’s impossible to imagine a situation where seeing a dog doesn’t thrill us. However, many ride share drivers beg to differ. Allowing passengers’ dogs into their cars can upset other riders or irritate anyone who’s allergic. Not to mention, as we all know, dogs can be pretty messy. That’s not preferable when your car is your business. Finding a ride for ourselves and our pups isn’t always easy. Often drivers will cancel rides as soon as they … Read more

Ford Designs Noise-Canceling Dog Kennel To Help Pups With Noise Phobia

Noise phobia is an issue faced by countless pet parents. They try everything including weighted blankets, thunder shirts, aromatherapy, CBD oil, and anti-anxiety medications with varying results. Sometimes their efforts pay off, but every clap of thunder or bang from a nearby firework has potential to send their dogs scurrying for safety. Dogs with noise phobia bark, whine, and whimper, and sometimes they can’t help but destroy the house in their fear. In the worst case scenarios, dogs have jumped … Read more

Flying With Your Pets Could Be A Lot Less Stressful With This New App

A global information technology company called Unisys has big ideas about what the future of flying with pets should look like. Their newly introduced app, Digi-Pet, enables users to track, monitor, and even interact with their animals while they’re crossing oceans and moving over state lines. For families traveling with large dogs and other animals too big to fly in cabin, the only option is to put their pet in a crate and hand them over to an airline employee. … Read more

Amazon: Pet Translators Could Be Available Within The Decade

If you dreamed of being the next Dr. Dolittle as a kid, an Amazon-backed report says your dream will soon be a reality. William Higham, futurologist and co-author of the Amazon-supported report, has publicly announced his belief that a real, working pet translation device will be ready for consumers within the next 10 years. He backs up his claim with work being done by Con Slobodchikoff, a biology professor at Northern Arizona University. The scientist has spent the last 30 … Read more

3 New Products That Claim They Can Translate What Your Pet Is Thinking

Every pet person on Earth has wished they could know what their pet was thinking at some point. Why are they looking at me that way? What is my dog trying to say when he’s been whining for the past hour but won’t go to the bathroom? Why does my cat pace in front of the couch? Most of us have come to terms with the fact that we will never know the answers to these questions. Then there are those who … Read more