How To Perform A Monthly Canine Cancer Check

According to the National Canine Cancer Foundation, about half of dogs over the age of 10 are diagnosed with cancer. Up to 60 percent of them will succumb to the disease. Unusual lumps and bumps can appear on your dog and grow without you noticing. Therefore, in order to keep them as healthy as possible, you should perform a cancer check at least once a month. Remember, it is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to … Read more

Rescue Dog With Rare Tumor To Undergo Groundbreaking Surgery

“Lucky” probably isn’t the first word that comes to mind when you look at Bliss. The 2-year-old pooch has an extremely rare skull tumor, and was abandoned at a Texas kill shelter by her family. Alone, frightened and confused, Bliss had no idea her luck was about to change!   Friends of Emma Medical Rescue, a major medical/critical care home located in Fort Worth, learned of Bliss’ plight and agreed to take her in. Thinking her condition was terminal, they prepared … Read more

What Every Dog Parent Should Know When They Find Lumps On Their Dog

Finding a lump on your dog can be a frightening experience. Our brains are conditioned to fear the worst, especially when it comes to those we love. It is always best to seek veterinary attention should you discover a new growth on your pooch, but it may help to know that less than half of the lumps and bumps dogs develop are malignant or cancerous. Should you discover an unfamiliar growth on your dog’s skin, schedule a visit with your … Read more

Left For Dead At A Shelter, Dog With A 6-Pound Tumor Gets A Second Chance

Rescuers named him Clyde. No one knows what the one-year-old pooch was called before he arrived at Gallatin County Animal Shelter (GCAS) in Sparta, Kentucky. In his previous life, the “sweet pup with a heart of gold” suffered unspeakable neglect as a massive 6.4-pound tumor grew from his chest, eventually dragging between his front legs, and rupturing from the weight. **WARNING: Images may be disturbing to some readers. Shari Wyenandt with HART Animal Rescue says Clyde’s previous owner left no imformation … Read more

What Every Dog Parent Needs To Know About Vaccine Reactions

Vaccinations have saved countless lives – both human and animal. But as with all pharmaceutical products, they have their side effects. It’s important to understand the difference between normal post-vaccine symptoms and potentially life threatening reactions. “True” vaccine reactions are rare and the benefits of protecting against deadly diseases like Parvo and Rabies far outweigh the risks. Understanding the different health concerns associated with vaccines can help you initiate an important discussion with your veterinarian on your dog’s behalf. Together … Read more

What Every Boxer Parent Needs To Know About Cancer

The number one search phrase suggested by Google when you begin to type “Why are Boxers…” is not “Why are Boxers so cute/sweet/goofy?” Rather, it is “Why are Boxers so prone to cancer?” Cancer is the number one reported health issue in the breed with an estimated 38.5% of Boxers passing away from some form of the disease according to the UK Kennel Club. The reasons why Boxers are so prone to cancer are not fully known. Some veterinary scientists … Read more