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What Every Dog Parent Needs To Know About Vaccine Reactions

Vaccinations have saved countless lives – both human and animal. But as with all pharmaceutical products, they have their side effects. It’s important to understand the difference between normal post-vaccine symptoms and potentially life threatening reactions. “True” vaccine reactions are rare and the benefits of protecting against deadly diseases like Parvo and Rabies far outweigh the risks. Understanding the different health concerns associated with vaccines can help you initiate an important discussion with your veterinarian on your dog’s behalf. Together … Read more

Rare Canine and Human Disease Spreading, Vet Urges Vaccinations

Have you ever heard of leptospirosis? It is a very rare life threatening disease that can infect dogs and humans alike. Vets in Arizona, Utah, and Colorado are seeing significant increases in dogs infected with the disease, many of which have been faced with the awful worst case scenario of having their beloved dog put to sleep. The good news? There is a vaccine for the disease that you may want to get this year. A Recent Case in Colorado: … Read more

Preventable Deadly Virus Spreading in the Midwest. Is Your Dog Protected?

Indianapolis Animal Care Services (IACS) sent out a grave warning yesterday to dog lovers everywhere. In the past week alone, the shelter has seen dozens of dogs at their intake doors infected with canine parvovirus. Canine parvovirus is completely preventable with a routine vaccination. These preventative measures are extremely successful at protecting our pups from dangerous diseases. IACS said on Facebook, Canine parvovirus, or parvo, is a highly contagious, life-threatening disease and it’s only going to continue to spread throughout … Read more

10 Dog Health Myths Pet Parents Should Stop Believing

There are many widely held beliefs about canine health that contain a nugget of truth, but are not entirely factual. People who spread these misconceptions certainly mean no harm, but believing them could potentially affect the veterinary choices you make for your pup. Your time together is already too short. Don’t let a dog health myth keep you from providing the best possible care for your fur friend. 1. Dogs eat grass when they are sick. If you Google the … Read more