Texas Firefighter Makes A Life-Saving Deal To Help A Man And His Dog

When a man’s love for his dog interfered with his ability to get the help he needed, Sam Berry from the Amarillo Fire Department made a life-saving deal. According to a Facebook post made by Warren Beach, Berry responded to an emergency call about Beach’s brother, Wes, needing immediate assistance.  Wes needed to go to the hospital, but he refused to leave his best friend behind. Beach said Wes’s dog, Emma, was his whole life. ABC 7 Amarillo described Emma as being blind and with three working legs, and Wes couldn’t bare the thought of leaving her alone.


Beach explained how Berry told Wes that if he fell asleep at home, he likely wouldn’t wake up. Nothing could convince Wes to go to the hospital, but then Berry decided to strike a deal. The firefighter and EMT told Wes that if he went to the hospital, he would personally care for Emma while he was away. Trusting the man to keep his word, Wes relented and was admitted to the hospital.

Beach wrote on Facebook,

“Now I am sure Sam could have made the deal with Wes and taken Emma to the pound or whatever. Sam, however, did take Emma home.”

Not only did Berry take the little dog home, he also had her nails clipped, gave her a bath, and took her to the vet. Emma was obviously stressed from being separated from her owner, but Berry did everything he could to make her feel comfortable. He held up his end of the bargain, and he doesn’t plan on letting Wes down.

According to Beach, Wes has been diagnosed with stage three sepsis, a type of inflammatory reaction to an infection. He was put into an induced coma but came off the ventilator on Thursday. Berry has reportedly offered to continue taking care of Emma until Wes is released from the hospital.


Both the Amarillo Fire Department and the local community have rallied around Wes and Berry showing their support and appreciation. Berry, who has a black lab of his own, has only been a member of the AFD since April 2016, but he’s already known for his compassion and dedication to the job. He helped provide emotional support to children involved in a car accident earlier this year, and he represents the hard work and sacrifice required for his job as a first responder.

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