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Texas Movie Theater Welcomes Dogs AND Offers Bottomless Wine

Written by: Scott H
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| Published on May 25, 2019

What’s your favorite way to spend a night at home? For some of us, we need no more than a good glass of wine, a film, and our dog by our side. One movie theater in Texas takes these simple pleasures to the next level by allowing patrons to consume unlimited vino, watch a movie, and bring their dog.



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Best night ever

The aptly named K9 Cinemas opened in late 2018. For just $15, moviegoers get unlimited wine and a comfortable spot to watch a film with their best friend. The cinema is located in Plano, Texas, near Dallas.

Dog-lover Eric Lankford founded the establishment. He and his Australian Eskimo, Bear, realized there was an opportunity in the marketplace. So, they created a place where dogs and their humans can lay on comfy couches and watch something on the big screen together.

If you aren’t a wine drinker, the $15-dollar ticket also applies for four whiskeys. Guests can bring a second dog. But, each patron is limited to two dogs per person. The additional dog is $5. Pretty reasonable, if you ask us!



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Volunteers Wanted: Must Want To Drink Wine And Feed Shelter Dogs


The theater doesn’t show new releases. However, they have themed nights and one-off screenings. For example, they have a karaoke night, and once hosted a Game of Thrones night. We best Ghost would have loved to be there.

There are dog and human-friendly snacks for purchase. The only rule is you must clean up after your pooch. And, on your first visit, you must show your dog is up-to-date with his vaccinations. This is our perfect night. We need to take a trip to Plano!



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