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Thanks To A Facebook Post, This Family Was Reunited With Their Dog After 33 Days

When the Khanna family of India took one of their pups to the vet, things didn’t go as planned.

Two-year-old Thumki pulled away from her owner and ran. They tried to follow her, but couldn’t keep up, attempting to track her on foot and by car. But before long, she was lost.

The family put up posters in the area and took to social media to spread the word. According to Huffington Post, the digital poster was shared over 300 times on Facebook.

“Through the last month, we have run around Delhi, back to the same place that we lost her, to shelters and anywhere she could have possibly been,” Mom Rachana told BuzzFeed.

Then, 33 days later, a man spotted the pup in the jungle outside a fence that surrounded his parent’s home. Fortunately, he had seen the Khanna’s Facebook posts, and recognized the dog as Thumki!

According to Mr. Khanna’s Facebook page, the man named Pranav sent a picture of the dog to the family, and they confirmed it was their missing pet. Mr. Khanna and one of his daughters drove a half hour to meet him.

However, there was still a problem: Thumki was on the other side of the fence! Explained Mr. Khanna on Facebook:

She was outside the fence, which was impossible to climb over and so I had to walk more than a kilometre along the length of it and then back on the outside. Praying that she does not run again in the meantime as it was already dark by then. Mahi kept talking to her and fortunately she stayed right there.

When I got to her, her first instinct was to run as a nearby dog had started barking at me and I was using the phone light to get through the foliage. But I sat down and called her softly and she came back to me.”

While Thumki had lost weight, she was otherwise healthy, and the family is thrilled to be reunited! She is still recovering from spending over a month on her own, but is almost back to her normal self.

“We’ve witnessed a miracle. But also realised that miracles take concerted and relentless effort to happen,” Mr. Khanna posted.

We just love this happy ending! And for those who have endured the heartache of missing a pet, let this inspire you to never give up!

(h/t: Huffington Post / Buzzfeed)

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Written by Karen Tietjen
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