The 15 Dog Breeds With the Longest Lifespans

Without a doubt, the fact that we must outlive our dogs numbers among life’s greatest tragedies. Though no amount of time with our dogs feels like enough time, having them in our lives at all means a lot. So if you can help it, it makes sense you’d want a furry companion who lives as long as possible.

The following dog breeds live longer than average lifespans. If you’re looking for a new best buddy, you might want to check into these breeds. Of course, a healthy lifestyle helps too.

#1 – Chihuahua

Didgeman via Pixabay

One of the smallest dog breeds around, the Chihuahua originated in Mexico. Primarily they were kept as family companions. Unsurprisingly, Chihuahuas are one of the more popular dog breeds in the United States. Their median life expectancy ranges from 14-16 years, though many can live even longer.

#2 – Rat Terrier

@macboots/Wikimedia Commons

The Rat Terrier started out as a general purpose farm and hunting dog. As their name suggests, they used to eliminate vermin around the property and still excel at this task today. Rat Terriers have an average life expectancy of 12-18 years.

#3 – Lagotto Romagnolo

Teemu Mäntynen via Flickr

A medium-sized breed that originally came to us from Italy, the Lagotto Romagnolo was bred as a water retrieving dog. Today, however, it’s mostly used for truffle hunting. This breed lives an average of 15-17 years.

#4 – Dachshund


In addition to their adorable shapes, Dachshunds used to have jobs too.These dwarfed hunting dogs adeptly fit themselves into the dens and burrows of badgers and rabbits. In the United States, they’ve also been used to hunt prairie dogs. Nowadays, they mostly enjoy sitting on their people’s laps. The life expectancy for both Standard and Miniature Dachshunds ranges from 12-16 years.

#5 – Manchester Terrier


The Manchester Terrier came from England where it worked as a ratting dog, and the breed still maintains its hunting ability. They’re one of the oldest of the terrier breeds and live an average of 14-16 years.

#6 – Collie


For larger herding dogs, both the Rough and Smooth Collies have relatively long lifespans. These dogs are affectionate and loyal companions and working dogs and live an average of 14-16 years.

#7 – Coton de Tulear


The Coton de Tulear’s name describes its cotton-like coat (in French.) They’re small companion dogs who love to play and love to love! They enjoy spending ample time with their families. Coton de Tulears live an average of  14-16 years.

#8 – Boykin Spaniel

@flatscaster/Wikimedia Commons

The Boykin Spaniel originated in South Carolina where they hunted turkeys and ducks. They’re excellent family companions, but are also active and intelligent working dogs that need an outlet for their desire to hunt. They have an average life expectancy of 14-16 years.

#9 – Border Collie


The Border Collie is one of the most versatile working breeds,  originally developed for herding and still widely used for this job today. These dogs have brains and agility! They also excel at obedience and they live an average of  13-16 years.

#10 – Yorkshire Terrier

@sciencia58/Wikimedia Commons

One of the smallest of the terriers, the Yorkshire Terrier originally worked as a ratting dog in England. Although they are most commonly found as a family companion, these active and intelligent dogs enjoy ample amounts of exercise and play. Their median lifespan is 13-16 years.

#11 – Lakeland Terrier


The Lakeland Terrier is a small English terrier traditionally used for fox hunting. Today they are still relatively active working dogs but are not widely known outside of their home country. The breed’s average life expectancy ranges from 12-15 years.

#12 – Pomeranian

Rob Hanson via Wikimedia Commons

The Pomeranian is an active and playful companion dog that enjoys spending time with its owner and has become quite popular. They need regular grooming for their particularly thick, fluffy coats and live an average of 12-16 years.

#13 – West Highland White Terrier


The West Highland White Terrier, or Westie, sports a gorgeous white coat and upright ears. Since they have a hunting history, they go best with families without small children. The Westie’s average life expectancy ranges from 12-16 years.

#14 – Shih Tzu

Robert Nunnally via Flickr

The Shih Tzu is a Chinese companion dog that is known for its goofy temperament and affectionate personality. These intelligent and playful dogs make especially wonderful family companions and live an average of 10-16 years.

#15 – Australian Cattle Dog

Zingpix via Wikimedia Commons

We mostly recognize the Australian Cattle Dog for their intelligence and herding abilities. They’re tenacious, medium-sized dogs that love having a job. They still work as herding dogs today, and should typically not go home with a novice owner. The breed lives an average of 13-15 years.

Featured Images: Rob Hanson via Wikimedia Commons, @sciencia58/Wikimedia Commons, @JACLOU-DL/Pixabay

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