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The World’s 7 Most Expensive Dog Houses (SHOCKING)

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| Published on April 29, 2014

For some pet owners, pampering their pooches is no big deal at all. While most of us are heading to the local pet shop to purchase a $20 dog house, these animal lovers are going all out to create lavish custom homes for their furry friends. This list of expensive dog houses will blow your mind!

The Hacienda

Can you imagine a dog house with running water, lights and AC? That’s exactly what one celebrity ordered. The custom home was $30,000 and cost as much as a down payment on a real house! (source)

Mexican Hacienda Dog House

The Hunderhaus Cubix

If you are looking for a modern style for your pooch, this is the design for you. The glass door lets in light, but its shatterproof design leaves makes your pet safe. The clean look of this dog house is perfect for Fido – as long as you are willing to spend more than $2,600 on it. (source)

Hundehaus Cubix_The Modern Doghouse

The Farmhouse

Would you like your pet to have all the comfort and charm of a Southern-style farmhouse? This Lonneberga dog house is designed with shatterproof glass and lots of room. This simple little house comes with a $2,200 price tag. (source)

Hundehaus Farm Dog House

The Colonial

This classic beauty, designed by La Petite Maison, cost $6,100. In fact, the design of the home was modeled after the dog’s owner’s home. This house includes running water, climate control and even a light. (source)

Two story dog house with plants, and dog sitting next to entrance.

The Dream Come True

Are you looking for a fairytale castle for your princess? This dog house is perfect for a pint-sized pooch. You can expect to spend about $2,600 for this design. (source)


The Palace

If you want your furry friend to feel like royalty, this Norte Palais dog house is right up your alley. It is accompanied by custom detailed embroidery and fabric your dog will snuggle with night after night. This home sold for $5,400. (source)

Notre Palais Doghouse

The Mansion

Can you imagine spending $325,000 on your dog’s house? That is exactly what Paris Hilton did. Her six dogs share a giant mansion fit for a queen. It features 300 square feet of space and is modeled after Hilton’s own home. Not only does the home have two stories, but it also has its own chandelier. (source)


Next time you think you are spoiling your pets a little too much, think about the great lengths people have gone to pamper their own!

Know of another extravagant puppy pad? Share it with us!

Source: Haus of Paws

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