Therapy Dogs Tie The Knot In An Adorable Doggie Wedding

Golden Retrievers, Peaches and Duke tied the knot in a doggie wedding ceremony in Mansfield, Texas. With their frequent cuddle sessions and their shared kisses, it was time to make it official.

Peaches and Duke are therapy dogs that work together at the Methodist Mansfield’s Physical Medicine Department, where they provide comfort to patients undergoing physical medicine therapy. They work hand in hand with patients helping to ease their nerves through treatment, and show their everlasting support.

wedding photos
Methodist Mansfield via FB

The two dogs are registered with Pet Partners, which is an organization that promotes the health and wellness benefits of animal assisted therapy. The simple act of petting a dog is proven to lower blood pressure in patients, so there’s no doubt their presence helps to brighten everyone’s day.

The pair are often seen cuddling, giving each other kisses, and even sharing their Starbucks puppaccinos. There’s no doubt that these two share a wonderful love, so the staff at Methodist Mansfield arranged an adorable ceremony to celebrate it!

wedding photos
Methodist Mansfield via FB

Methodist’s Health System’s Vice President of Pastoral Services Caesar Rentie officiated the ceremony where the two pups exchanged their “I dos.”

Their wedding was complete with a white runway leading them down the aisle which was covered in rose petals, a dapper tuxedo for Duke, and a beautiful wedding dress for Peaches. They even received their very own canine wedding certificate. This will be a day they will never forget!

After the ceremony, the newlyweds took part in demolishing a doggie wedding cake. It was clear just how much this canine pair is loved, as the ceremony was packed with the staff and patients they work so hard to assist.

Once their bellies were filled with wedding cake, it was back to business as usual! The two set off to accomplish their usual goals, and assist the very same patients that made sure to attend their wedding.

wedding photos
Methodist Mansfield via FB

The news of this adorable wedding ceremony has now made it’s way to news channels around the country. We hope that Peaches and Duke can help create a movement, and inspire the presence of therapy dogs in hospitals around the globe!

Thanks to Methodist Mansfield Medical Center for arranging this picture perfect moment, and everyone who helped make it happen!

Image Source:Methodist Mansfield Medical Center

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