They Call Them “Shrooms” For Dogs – And They Help Boost Their Immune System

| Published on May 11, 2021

What if I told you your dog could use some shrooms in their diet? Yes, of course, “shrooms” is a loaded term for us humans who think of a certain psychoactive kind of “magic mushroom.” But do you know about “shrooms” for dogs – Reishi Mushrooms – and the myriad of ways they can help your dog’s health and immunity?

Let’s dive a little deeper into what these “shrooms” are and why giving your dog Reishi Mushroom supplements can be good for their overall health.


What Are “Shrooms” For Dogs (a.k.a. Reishi Mushrooms)?

While not all mushrooms are medicinal (and in fact, some are toxic), the Reishi variety is considered medicinal. This group of fungi is used to treat and prevent a variety of diseases and promote general health. In fact, their usage can be traced all the way back to the Chinese Han Dynasty (206 B.C. to 8 A.D.)!

In addition to their nickname “shrooms for dogs,” Reishi Mushrooms are also known as the “mushroom of immortality.”

Are Reishi Mushrooms Safe For Your Dog?

Many clinical studies have upheld the medicinal properties of Reishi Mushrooms. Barring any pre-established allergies, they are absolutely safe for your dog to consume. Moreso, these shrooms have so many benefits for your dog’s health.

Because Reishi Mushrooms have anti-clotting effects, they should not be combined with any blood-thinning drugs. And of course, you should always consult your veterinarian before giving your dog something new.

How Can Reishi Mushrooms Benefit Your Dog?

There are a number of ways giving your dog Reishi Mushrooms can help them:

  • Allergies: Reishi mushrooms contain ganoderic acid, which inhibits the release of allergic reaction-causing histamines. These shrooms also have anti-inflammatory properties, which can help with itching and breathing difficulties associated with allergies. Plus, their antioxidants help reduce symptoms.
  • Cancer: Research indicates that triterpenes (ganoderic acids specifically) and triterpenoids can slow the growth of certain cancers, including osteosarcomas, lymphomas, and meningiomas.
  • Aging Effects: They don’t call it the “mushroom of immortality” for nothing! Reishi’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties can help prevent or even reverse cognitive decline. They can also help with age-related joint issues.
  • Liver Protection: Studies also show that Reishi prevents liver damage and can work both as a preventative and a medicinal aid in gastric injury.
  • Diabetes: Reishi can help regulate glucose levels as well as slow or prevent kidney issues that develop in diabetics.
  • Boosting Immunity: This should come as no surprise due to their allergy-preventing and cancer-fighting properties. Reishi mushrooms also contain beta-glucans, complex sugars known to modulate the immune system.


Whether you want to help relieve your dog’s uncomfortable itching, prevent cancer growths, or just keep them healthy for a long time, it’s definitely a good idea to give them some “shrooms.”

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  • Salmon Oil
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • A Probiotic Blend
  • Licorice Root


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