They Labeled This Pit Bull “Aggressive” But Everything Changed Once He Got Love

Sometimes when a dog is a certain breed they can automatically get a bad rap based off something they have no control over–who they are. People can be unkind when it comes to these breeds because of incidents (that likely happened because of irresponsible dog owners), and nothing could be more true than in the case of Pit Bulls.

When Cruz was taken to a shelter in San Bernardino, California, he was immediately dismissed and labeled aggressive. But this is when a volunteer at the shelter, Maria Sanchez, decided to take a chance on this dog that others had cast aside. She had a sneaking suspicion that Cruz was not aggressive by any means, but simply scared. Which makes a lot more sense when you think of it: all alone, thrown out from the only home he’s ever known, with obvious signs of neglect.

Now just watch and see what happens when Maria gives him the love he deserves:

This just goes to show you that the loving and gentle spirit of a dog can never be broken–regardless of the dog’s breed. Share this sweet video with your friends who love dogs, just like you!

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