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This Amazing Hospital Now Allows Your Pets To Visit You


We consider dogs and cats as family members. We include them in celebrating special occasions, and cherish the friendship and loyalty they give to us. Many of us even consider our dogs and cats as our therapists and the best of friends! They are so good in cheering us up and comforting us when we are sad, and especially when we are sick.

The Juravinski Hospital, a hospital located in Canada, understands how pets can affect a person’s health. So they now allow dogs and cats to visit their humans who are confined in the hospital.

Source: CTV News - YouTube
Source: CTV News – YouTube

Watch the video below for the full story.

Our pets give us the kind of therapy and comfort that no medicine could ever provide. It’s so great that hospitals are starting to allow pets to visit their humans, and we are hopeful that other hospitals will follow.

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