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This Dog Used To Live In A Puppy Mill, And Now He’s In A Doritos Super Bowl Commercial Contest!

A little white Terrier named Miz has come a long way from living in a small box in a horibble puppy mill to being in a Doritos Super Bowl commercial contest.

A filmmaker living in Burbank named Jacob Chase, together with his girlfriend, rescued Miz and two other dogs. And their three rescued dogs star in their commercial contest entry. They are the Doritos Dogs!

Source: SportsGrid
Source: SportsGrid

Their entry is one of the three finalists that were chosen by Doritos for this year’s ‘Crash the Super Bowl’ contest.

These three dogs prove to everyone that rescued dogs can be just as talented, intelligent, and wonderful as any other purebred dog. Check out their adorable video below!

The winner of the contest will be decided via online voting. And the winner will win $1 MILLION! So if you’d like to vote for your favorite entry, visit Doritos Crash The Superbowl website.

And since I love dogs, especially rescued ones, I would definitely be voting for these adorable Doritos Dogs!

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