This Unique & Powerful Scent Can Calm Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety

Somewhere between 10 and 40 percent of dogs suffer from some degree of separation anxiety. If you’re the owner of one of these dogs, you understand how heartbreaking  and frustrating it can be to try to keep your dog calm when you leave the house. Even if you’re at home most of the time, you have to leave the house occasionally to run errands and socialize, and you don’t want your fur child panicking and possibly hurting themselves or destroying your house in their panic.

Luckily, there are some things that can help. There is one unique and powerful scent that has the ability to calm your dog like no other scent can, even better than the well-known calming effects of lavender. What scent is that?

Your scent. Studies have shown that the reward center of a dog’s brain lights up when they can smell their favorite person. That means your scent makes them happy and calms them down.

But, how can your dog smell you when you aren’t home?


Leave behind a piece of clothing that you’ve recently worn, or a pillow case from your bed that hasn’t been washed for at least a few days (trust us!). Your dog can snuggle up with your scent and feel like you’re nearby even when you’re away.

If your pet’s anxiety is extreme, working with a trainer is a good way to help ease your dog’s separation anxiety. However, leaving an article of clothing with your scent on it can make a big difference in your dog’s anxiety level, especially in dogs with only mild to moderate separation anxiety.

One snuggly way to do this is to fold your garment up in the Project Play™ Comfort Cuddler™! It’s a super soft, plush toy with a pocket for a garment that smells like you, created for this exact purpose!

(H/T: Science Direct)

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