This Wonderful Shelter Lets Over 900 Homeless Dogs Wander Freely On Rolling Hills


Usually when we hear the word shelter, we imagine a place where there are kennels where dogs are kept. Most shelters would also have a play area where dogs can play and run around. But this shelter in Costa Rica is totally different. This place is like a wonderland for homeless dogs!

Welcome to the Territorio De Zaguates, also known as the Land of Strays–a no-kill shelter where over 900 homeless dogs can run and wander free on beautiful green hills.

Watch the video below and learn more about this beautiful and heavenly place!

This is a place I’d definitely want to visit!

Here’s another video about this awesome wonderland:

If you want to help Territorio de Zaguates with their cause, you can donate by clicking here.

SHARE this story and let your fellow dog lovers know about this beautiful place! And maybe someday you guys can go visit the Land of Strays and give one of the dogs a loving, forever home.

You can also follow Territorio de Zaguates on Facebook for more updates, photos, and videos.

(Feature Image: Territorio de Zaguates via Facebook)

Written by Nicolette Mansueto
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