Truck Thief Heartlessly Dumps Paralyzed Dog In The Middle Of The Street

Mistakes are nothing to be ashamed of, but they can sometimes lead to horrible situations. George Ketry from Louisiana regrets his choice to leave his dog in his running car for a few minutes. He had to run a quick errand, so he thought his disabled senior dog would be safe in the warm vehicle. But within a few moments, the truck was stolen with the dog inside.

Ketry ran into several complications while trying to locate the truck, but he never gave up trying. Eventually, his dedication led to him getting what seemed like a miracle.

Dog in wheelchair

Helpless Dog Disappears

Ketry stopped at a hardware store briefly, and he assumed his dog named Rainey would be fine in the running car. Rainey’s back legs are paralyzed, so he needs a wheelchair to get around. Yet, when Ketry exited the store, his vehicle and dog were nowhere to be seen.

“The idea of not having Rainey or not knowing where he is and never being able to see him again, not knowing, that was the really hard part for us,” Ketry said.

Right away, Ketry spread the word through social media. The Louisiana Humane Society also helped with the search. Ketry’s truck has OnStar tracking in it, which seemed like a good lead. But Onstar wouldn’t send the tracking information to authorities, and they haven’t explained why.

Disabled dog in car

As hours went by, Ketry began to feel less hopeful. Rainey needed special care, and he likely wasn’t getting that while he was away. But then, Ketry got the glimmer of hope he’d been looking for.

Miracles Can Happen

First, someone located the truck, which was damaged. Many of Ketry’s valuable items were stolen from the vehicle, such as his phone and laptop. Sadly, Rainey was also no longer inside.

Luckily, a Good Samaritan spotted Rainey sitting in the middle of the road after a dog barking drew attention to him. The pup was found a few blocks from the vehicle. It seemed like the thief had quickly thrown the pup out of the truck and kept driving. Without his wheelchair, Rainey couldn’t move out of the street on his own.

Man and disabled dog reunited

The person who found him said the pup was very distraught. They contacted the Louisiana Humane Society, which helped reunite Rainey with Ketry. Ketry offered the $1,000 reward to the person who found Rainey, but they declined it, saying they wanted it to be used to help others instead.

“I called [Rainey,] and he just came running around the corner like he had six legs. I mean, he had to be scared and confused the whole time,” said Ketry.

Rainey is healthy and happy following the incident. Ketry is grateful for the dog’s health, and he’s amazed that Rainey isn’t afraid to get in the truck. Of course, he wants the person who stole Rainey to face consequences, so hopefully, the special needs pup will get justice soon!

Featured Image: Twitter

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